Des Milliers d'Abeilles

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The beekeeping allows to return to a fundamental relation which unites the Man and the Nature.

It is at first from this perspective that I got closer of the "world of bees", of an ecotype among others, which undergoes quite hard the human overflow.

Alter, this approach came the time to learn. And little as in astronomy, more we learn more one realizes the complexity of this small universe: "the swarm". 

As of numerous beekeepers I was fascinated by the organization, the balance, the correctness of a hive.

I rediscovered little by little all the benefactions of the work of the bee: she pollinates, she produces some wax, she transforms the nectar of flowers into honey, she amasses some pollen (source of protein 7 times as nourishing as the meat), she produces of her royal jelly, ...